First Season

Pilot Episode (11/8/69)

The Cemetery -
A murderous nephew notices a painting changing ominously.

Eyes -
A wealthy blind woman buys new eyes for herself.

The Escape Route -
A Nazi war criminal seeks a hiding place in a painting.

Episode #1 (12/16/70)

The Dead Man -
A doctor attempts to revive a patient with hypnosis.

The Housekeeper -
A man plans to switch his wife's cold attitude with a new one.

Episode #2 (12/23/70)

Room With A View - 
An invalid husband plots revenge against his unfaithful wife.

The Little Black Bag - 
A 21st century medical bag comes into the possession of a 20th century doctor.

Episode #3 (12/30/70)

The House - 
A woman encounters a house she has dreamed about.

Certain Shadows On The Wall - 
A woman's shadow remains on a wall after her death.

Episode #4 (1/6/71)

Make Me Laugh - 
A comedian makes a deal to help his career.

Clean Kills And Other Trophies - 
A hunter forces his son to kill a deer.

Episode #5 (1/13/71)

Pamela's Voice - 
A man murders his wife and finds it a temporary solution.

Lone Survivor - 
A man is rescued in a lifeboat labeled "Titanic", three years after it sank.

The Doll - 
An evil doll is used for revenge.

Episode #6 (1/20/71)

They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar - 
A salesman is haunted by memories from the past.

The Last Laurel - 
A crippled athlete uses astral projection to exact his revenge.

Second Season

Episode #7 (9/15/71)

The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes - 
A successful young psychic decides not to make any more predictions.

Miss Lovecraft Sent Me - 
A story about a babysitter and her latest client.

The Hand Of Borgus Weems - 
A man loses control of his right hand.

Episode #8 (9/22/71)

A Death In The Family - 
A wounded murderer seeks shelter in a funeral home.

The Merciful - 
A wife plots to end her husband's suffering.

Class Of '99 - 
A class of the future takes a telling final exam.

Witches' Feast - 
A coven awaits the return of a member.

Episode #9 (9/29/71)

Since Aunt Ada Came To Stay - 
A professor suspects his visiting aunt of being a witch.

With Apologies To Mr. Hyde - 
Dr. Jekyll tries a new potion.

The Flip Side Of Satan - 
A crude radio dj is offered as a sacrifice.

Episode #10 (10/6/71)

A Fear Of Spiders - 
A man finds a spider in his sink.

Junior - 
A tale of daddy's midnight feeding.

Marmalade Wine - 
A braggart exaggerates his talents to a surgeon.

The Academy - 
A man investigates a strict military academy for his son.

Episode #11 (10/20/71)

The Phantom Farmhouse - 
A psychiatrist falls for a woman whose last visitor was murdered.

Silent Snow, Secret Snow - 
A boy fascinated by snow, is drawn into a fantasy world.

Episode #12 (10/27/71)

A Question Of Fear - 
A soldier-of-fortune accepts a bet to spend the night in a haunted house.

The Devil Is Not Mocked - 
A Nazi general is given a warm welcome at a Balkan castle.

Episode #13 (11/3/71)

Midnight Never Ends - 
Two people feel they have met before.

Brenda - 
A teenager has a strange relationship with a creature trapped in a quarry.

Episode #14 (11/10/71)

The Diary - 
A gossip columnist receives a diary that predicts the future.

A Matter Of Semantics - 
Dracula visits a blood bank.

Big Surprise - 
A farmer promises a surprise to a group of boys, if they dig for it.

Professor Peabody's Last Lecture - 
A professor, bent on discrediting ancient cults, angers a god.

Episode #15 (11/17/71)

House - With Ghost - 
A husband plans to murder his wife with the help of a ghost.

A Midnight Visit To The Neighborhood Blood Bank - 
Dracula makes house calls.

Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator - 
A medicine man promises life to a dying girl.

Hell's Bell's - 
A recent arrival finds Hell tamer than he thought.

Episode #16 (11/24/71)

The Dark Boy - 
A teacher tries to reach a strange fourth-grader.

Keep In Touch - We'll Think Of Something - 
A musician enlists the aid of the police in his search for a woman.

Episode #17 (12/1/71)

Pickman's Model - 
A woman is drawn to a  reclusive artist.

The Dear Departed - 
An auto accident befalls a fake psychic and his assistant's wife.

An Act Of Chivalry - 
Elevator manners are examined.

Episode #18 (12/8/71)

Cool Air - 
A man clings to life in a refrigerated room.

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Camera Obscura - 
A cruel loan shark gets his comeuppance.

Quoth The Raven - 
Edgar Allan Poe receives some assistance.

Episode #19 (12/15/71)

The Messiah On Mott Street - 
A destitute old man awaits the coming of the Messiah.

The Painted Mirror - 
A strange mirror figures in a man's plan to get rid of his business partner.

Episode #20 (12/29/71)

The Different Ones - 
In the future, a man agrees to send his deformed son to another planet.

Tell David... - 
A woman believes she has had a look into the future.

Logoda's Head - 
A witch doctor in Africa is accused of murdering an explorer.

Episode #21 (1/5/72)

Green Fingers - 
A woman with unusual gardening talents faces a rich businessman.

The Funeral - 
A vampire's plans his final arrangements.

The Tune In Dan's Cafe - 
A jukebox in a roadside diner, plays only one song.

Episode #22 (1/12/72)

Lindemann's Catch - 
A captain captures a mermaid.

The Late Mr. Peddington - 
A widow searches for a cheap funeral.

A Feast Of Blood - 
A woman receives a fur brooch that seems almost alive.

Episode #23 (1/19/72)

The Miracle At Camafeo - 
An insurance scammer plans a miraculous recovery.

The Ghost Of Sorworth Place - 
A drifter protects a woman from her late husband's spirit.

Episode #24 (1/26/72)

The Waiting Room - 
A saloon is the setting for a gunfighter's final stand.

Last Rites For A Dead Druid - 
A statue, modeled after a druid sorcerer, exerts its influence over a woman.

Episode #25 (2/9/72)

Deliveries In The Rear - 
A surgery instructor cares little about the source of his cadavers.

Stop Killing Me - 
A wife files a complaint against her husband for worrying her.

Dead Weight - 
A gangster on the run enlists the help of an exporter.

Episode #26 (2/16/72)

I'll Never Leave You - Ever - 
An ill farmer's wife enlists the aid of a witch.

There Aren't Anymore MacBanes - 
A sorcery student seeks to be rid of his uncle.

Episode #27 (2/23/72)

The Sins Of The Fathers - 
A young boy plays the part of sin-eater at a wake.

You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore - 
An abusive couple finds their new robot maid developing survival instincts.

Episode #28 (3/1/72)

The Caterpillar - 
A man finds himself the subject of an assassination plot he had planned for someone else.

Little Girl Lost - 
A scientist is unhinged by the death of his daughter.

Assorted Episodes:

Satisfaction Guaranteed - 
A story of a curmudgeon at an employment agency.
This was shown during a repeat of Episode #8, in place of "Witches' Feast".

Room For One Less - 
A different story of elevator manners.
This was filmed for the second season but not shown.  It was included for syndication.

Die Now, Pay Later - 
An undertaker slashes his prices during a clearance sale.
This was filmed for the second season but not shown.  It was included for syndication.

Third Season

Episode #29 (9/24/72)

The Return Of The Sorcerer - 
A sorcerer hires a translator to learn the meaning of a manuscript.

Episode #30 (10/1/72)

The Girl With The Hungry Eyes - 
A photographer hires a mysterious model.

Episode #31 (10/15/72)

Fright Night - 
A trunk in a farmhouse attic begins to move.

Episode #32 (10/22/72)

Rare Objects - 
A gangster arranges a deal to spare his life.

Episode #33 (10/29/72)

Spectre In Tap-Shoes - 
A woman begins to see evidence that her suicidal sister is still alive.

Episode #34 (11/5/72)

The Ring With The Red Velvet Ropes - 
The new champion has one more bout before he can claim his title.

Episode #35 (11/12/72)

You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan - 
An inventor tries his hand at immortality.

Smile, Please - 
The ins-and-outs of photographing a vampire.

Episode #36 (11/19/72)

The Other Way Out - 
A murderer is made to pay for his crimes.

Episode #37 (12/17/72)

Finnegan's Flight - 
A prisoner agrees to participate in a cellmate's experiment.

Episode #38 (12/24/72)

She'll Be Company For You - 
A widower finds himself being watched by a cat.

Episode #39 (1/14/73)

Something In The Woodwork - 
A woman enlists the aid of a ghost on her plans for revenge against her ex-husband.

Episode #40 (3/4/73)

Death On A Barge - 
A man ignores the warnings from friends when he falls in love.

Episode #41 (5/13/73)

Whisper - 
A young woman hears voices of the dead.

Episode #42 (5/20/73)

The Doll Of Death - 
A man uses voodoo against a romantic rival.

Episode #43 (5/27/73)

Hatred Unto Death - 
An anthropologist returns a captured gorilla's feelings of extreme hate.