Twilight Zone First Season

"Express elevator to the ninth floor of a department store, carrying Miss Marsha White on a most prosaic, ordinary, run of the mill errand. [Narration interrupted by character action and dialogue.] Miss Marsha White on the ninth floor, specialties department, looking for a gold thimble. The odds are that she'll find it--but there are even better odds that she'll find something else, because this isn't just a department store. This happens to be the Twilight Zone."

Marsha buys a gold thimble from a rude saleslady on the ninth floor. When she goes to complain, she is informed there is no ninth floor. She points out the saleslady, but is shocked to find it is just a store mannequin. She is helped to a store office where she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds she is locked in the closed store. She hears voices coming from the mannequins as she wanders through the empty store. She backs into the elevator which takes her to the ninth floor. There the mannequins all come to life one by one, including the saleslady and elevator operator. They explain that she too is a mannequin, and that each of them is allowed a one month journey among humans. She forgot her true identity and didn't return on time. She apologizes, then turns back into a mannequin.

"Marsha White in her normal and natural state: a wooden lady with a painted face who, one month out of the year, takes on the characteristics of someone as normal and as flesh and blood as you and I. But it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Just how normal are we? Just who are the people we nod our hellos to as we pass on the street? A rather good question to ask - particularly in the Twilight Zone."

Notes and corrected narrations courtesy of Twilight Zone Cafe Moderator, Matt Vandermast (aka "James B.W. Bevis")


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