Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Confidential personnel file on Salvadore Ross. Personality: a volatile mixture of fury and frustration. Distinguishing physical characteristic: a badly-broken hand which will require emergency treatment at the nearest hospital. Ambition: shows great determination toward self-improvement. Estimate of potential success: a sure bet for a listing in Who's Who - in the Twilight Zone."

In the hospital, Ross trades his broken hand, for a cold from his roomate. Using his new-found talent, he trades forty-six years of his life to a millionaire for a million dollars and a nice apartment. He then buys back the years from a variety of young men, a few years at a time. Realizing the girl of his dreams wants a man with compassion, he convinces her father to sell him his. When he goes to ask for her father's blessing, the old man, compassionless now, shoots Salvadore and kills him.

"The Salvadore Ross program for self-improvement. The all-in-one, sure-fire success course that lets you lick the bully, learn the language, dance the tango and anything else you want to do - or think you want to do. Money-back guarantee. Offer limited to ... the Twilight Zone."


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