Twilight Zone: The Movie

TZ:  The Movie (1983) Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) was a decent stab at bringing the Twilight Zone experience to the big screen. Nothing about it is really bad, overall it's just not great! The movie consisted of 4 segments beginning with a short story about a strange hitchhiker (Dan Aykroyd) and the guy (Albert Brooks) who picks him up. I enjoyed it mainly because it was something new from the Twilight Zone. Another memorable thing about this movie was that Vic Morrow and two young actors died during the filming of the first segment when a pyrotechnics sequence involving a helicopter went wrong.

"Wanna see something really scary?"

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The first segment involves a racist man who suddenly finds himself feeling the sting of racism from several different viewpoints. This segment always seemed rushed, and the ending abrupt. I am sure this is due to Vic Morrow's untimely death during filming. They obviously took what footage they had, re-edited and then released it.

The second segment is a remake of the original Twilight Zone's "Kick The Can". This was an adequate remake, and was enjoyable.

The third segment is a remake of the original Twilight Zone's It's A Good Life. This one had a much different ending than the original's, which I prefer over this one.

The fourth segment is a remake of the original Twilight Zone's Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. While I like John Lithgow as an actor, this segment again fell short of the original.

While this was a worthwhile effort, it may not be to everyone's liking. I enjoyed it, but none of the stories surpassed the original Twilight Zone for mood, acting, or overall effect.

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