Original Twilight Zone

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The first "Twilight Zone" episode I saw was 'Stopover In a Quiet Town'. I was amazed! I had never seen a show quite like this before. Thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel, I am getting to watch all of them again. In my opinion, they have all held up really well over time. I haven't watched one yet that I really disliked. Some were weaker than others, but considering the high level the best achieved, even the weaker episodes were great! Also, check out my Original Twilight Zone Episode Guide.

Elizabeth Montgomery and Lee Marvin

The New Twilight Zone

I also enjoyed many of the "New Twilight Zone" (1985-89) episodes as well. 'A Message From Charity', 'Her Pilgrim Soul' and 'A Matter Of Minutes' are just a few of the excellent scripts that came from the "New Twilight Zone" series. I have a New Twilight Zone Episode Guide, but for a more in-depth look at the series, you may want to check this page: "Steve and Marta's 'The New Twilight Zone' Page". I also have a UPN Twilight Zone Episode Guide.

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

I have a Night Gallery Episode Guide, as well. As you probably know, this was more of a horror-type show than the "Twilight Zone". While some episodes were great, others fell far short. I do remember watching the opening as a child, and it was very scary! Some of the episodes were intense, but compared to today's TV fare, not as intense as I seem to remember. I particularly liked the series' pilot episode: 'The Cemetery' was a great ghost story, 'Eyes' had a wicked twist-ending, and 'The Escape Route' was an excellent tale of final justice.

Top 10 Best Episodes of The Twilight Zone