Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"James Elwood, master programmer, in charge of Mark 502-741, commonly known as 'Agnes,' the world's most advanced electronic computer. Machines are made by men for man's benefit and progress, but when man ceases to control the products of his ingenuity and imagination he not only risks losing the benefit, but he takes a long and unpredictable step into - the Twilight Zone."

James Elwood replaces a computer programmer who has gone mad working on Agnes. After Agnes gives him bad advice about his love life, the computer tells him it's in love with him. He goes crazy, and as the next programmer comes in, he tells him he doesn't stand a chance against Agnes.

"Advice to all future male scientists: be sure you understand the opposite sex, especially if you intend being a computer expert. Otherwise, you may find yourself, like poor Elwood, defeated by a jealous machine, a most dangerous sort of female, whose victims are forever banished - to the Twilight Zone."

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