Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Portrait of a honeymoon couple getting ready for a journey - with a difference. These newlyweds have been married for six years, and they're not taking this honeymoon to start their life but rather to save it, or so Eileen Ransome thinks. She doesn't know why she insisted on a ship for this voyage, except that it would give them some time and she'd never been on one before - certainly never one like the Lady Anne. The tickets read 'New York to Southampton' but this old liner is going somewhere else. Its destination... the Twilight Zone."

Instead of the cruise bringing them closer together, the Ransome's agree to get a divorce when they return home. Eileen disappears, and when Allan finds her she is wearing a nightgown that a passenger wore on her honeymoon. Seeing her, Allan realizes how much he still loves her. The passengers force them into a lifeboat, with plenty of provisions, and set them adrift. The Lady Anne sails off.

"The Lady Anne never reached port. After they were picked up by a cutter a few hours later, as Captain Protheroe had promised, the Ransomes searched the newspaper for news - but there wasn't any news. The Lady Anne with all her crew and all her passengers vanished without a trace. But the Ransomes knew what had happened, they knew that the ship had sailed off to a better port - a place called the Twilight Zone."


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