Twilight Zone Third Season

"This object, should any of you have lived underground for the better part of your lives and never had occasion to look toward the sky, is an airplane, its official designation a DC-3. We offer this rather obvious comment because this particular airplane, the one you're looking at, is a freak. Now, most airplanes take off and land as per scheduled. On rare occasions they crash. But all airplanes can be counted on doing one or the other. Now, yesterday morning this particular airplane ceased to be just a commercial carrier. As of its arrival it became an enigma, a seven-ton puzzle made out of aluminum, steel, wire and a few thousand other component parts, none of which add up to the right thing. In just a moment, we're going to show you the tail end of its history. We're going to give you ninety percent of the jigsaw pieces and you and Mr. Sheckly here of the Federal Aviation Agency will assume the problem of putting them together along with finding the missing pieces. This we offer as the evening's hobby, a little extracurricular diversion which is really the national pastime in the Twilight Zone."

Flight 107 out of Buffalo lands with no passengers, crew, or luggage. Sheckly, an FAA investigator with a record of no unsolved cases investigates. He is accompanied by Malloy and Bengston, executives with the airline. Each of the men see the seats as a different color, and its serial number differently. Sheckly believes the plane is an illusion, and he sticks his hand in the spinning propeller to prove it. The plane disappears, as well as the two men. He finds the men in the operations room, neither has any memory of the mystery. Flight 107 arrived on schedule. One of the men remembers that there was a Flight 107 that did disappear, seventeen years earlier. It was the one case that Sheckly never solved.

"Picture of a man with an Achilles' heel, a mystery that landed in his life and then turned into a heavy weight, dragged across the years to ultimately take the form of an illusion. Now, that's the clinical answer that they put on the tag as they take him away. But if you choose to think that the explanation has to do with an airborne Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship on a fog-enshrouded night on a flight that never ends, then you're doing your business in an old stand... in the Twilight Zone."


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