Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"You've just witnessed opportunity, if not knocking, at least scratching plaintively on a closed door. Mr. Julius Moomer, a would-be writer who, if talent came twenty-five cents a pound, would be worth less than car fare. But, in a moment, Mr. Moomer, through the offices of some black magic, is about to embark on a brand-new career. And although he may never get a writing credit on the Twilight Zone, he's to become an integral character in it."

Julius Moomer uses a black magic book to summon Shakespeare, who then writes a brilliant teleplay for TV. Moomer becomes a celebrity which angers Shakespeare. He watches a rehearsal of his script and is shocked by the changes made and leaves. Moomer is enlisted to write a two-and-half-hour television show on history. He thinks he's lost, until he remembers the black magic book, and enlists the aid of several characters from the past.

"Mr. Julius Moomer, a streetcar conductor with delusions of authorship. And if the tale just told seems a little tall, remember a thing called poetic license - and another thing called the Twilight Zone."


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