Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"The Twilight Zone has existed in many lands, in many times. It has its roots in history, in something that happened long, long ago and got told about and handed down from one generation of folk to the other. In the telling the story gets added to and embroidered on, so that what might have happened in the time of the Druids is told as if it took place yesterday in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Such stories are best told by an elderly grandfather on a cold winter's night by the fireside - in the southernhills of the Twilight Zone."

Jess-Belle is determined that Billy-Ben Turner and Ellwyn Glover not marry. She enlists the aid of a local witch who casts a spell that makes Billy-Ben completely forget Ellwyn, and fall madly in love with Jess-Belle. Jess-Belle learns what the price for the spell was when midnight comes and she transforms into a leopard until dawn. A hunting party finds the leopard and shoots it, and it disappears in a cloud of smoke. A year later when Billy-Ben is preparing to marry Ellwyn, Jess-Belle reappears. Billy-Ben learns from the local witch to kill Jess-Belle he must stab one of her dresses with silver. He returns home to find Ellwyn possesses by Jess-Belle. He grabs one of her dresses and stabs it. Jess-Belle appears in the dress then disappears for good.

"No closing narration.  It ends with a folk song heard at the 
			beginning of the episode:

				'Fair was Elly Glover,
				 Dark was Jess-Belle.
				 Both they loved the same man,
				 And both they loved him well.'"


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