Twilight Zone Second Season

"Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, gentle and infinitely patient people, whose lives have been a hope chest with a rusty lock and a lost set of keys. But in just a moment that hope chest will be opened, and an improbable phantom will try to bedeck the drabness of these two people's failure-laden lives with the gold and precious stones of fulfillment. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, standing on the outskirts and about to enter the Twilight Zone."

After buying a bottle from an old lady, Arthur Castle is surprised to see a genie appear in modern dress. The genie informs him he has four wishes. Not believing, Arthur wishes for a cracked glass display case to be repaired. Instantly it is fixed. His next wish is somewhat larger - a million dollars. But after giving money to the needy in his neighborhood, the IRS takes all but five dollars. He thinks his third wish is foolproof - to be the ruler of a foreign country in the twentieth century, one that can't be voted out of office. His wish comes true, but not as he expected; he is in Germany, at the end of WW II, and he is Adolf Hitler. He uses his fourth wish to make everything like it was. He's back where he started, but somewhat happier with things.

"A word to the wise now to the garbage collectors of the world, to the curio seekers, to the antique buffs, to everyone who would try to coax out a miracle from unlikely places. Check the bottle you're taking back for a two-cent deposit. The genie you save might be your own. Case in point, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, fresh from the briefest of trips into the Twilight Zone."


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