Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Jonathan West, ventriloquist, a master of voice manipulation. A man late of Ireland, with a talent for putting words into other people's mouths. In this case, the other person is a dummy, aptly named Caesar, a small splinter with large ideas, a wooden tyrant with a mind and a voice of his own, who is about to talk Jonathan West into the Twilight Zone."

Jonathan West, on the advice of his dummy, commits several burglaries. West's landlady's niece, Susan, overhears him talking about the burglaries and calls the police. Caesar tells Susan they should team up, but first she must get rid of her aunt.

"Little girl and a wooden doll, a lethal dummy in the shape of a man. But everybody knows dummies can't talk - unless, of course, they learn their vocabulary in the Twilight Zone."


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