Twilight Zone Second Season

"As must be obvious, this is a house hovered over by Mr. Death, that omnipresent player to the third and final act of every life. And it's been said, and probably rightfully so, that what follows this life is one of the unfathomable mysteries, an area of darkness which we the living reserve for the dead - or so it is said. For in a moment, a child will try to cross that bridge which separates light and shadow, and of course he must take the only known route, that indistinct highway through the region we call the Twilight Zone."

Grandma Bayles gives her five year-old grandson a toy phone for his birthday. Soon after she dies, and Billy is very upset. He quickly seems better while spending all his time talking into the toy phone. He tells his parents that Grandma is on the phone, and that she is lonely and wants him to come visit. His parent's dismiss this as a child's imagination, until he throws himself in front of a car. Billy tells his parent's that "someone" told him to do it. Late one night, his mother, hearing him talking on the toy phone, rushes in and grabs the phone - and hears breathing on the other end. Billy runs out of the house and tries to drown himself in the fish pond. A fire rescue team has no luck at reviving him. His father goes into his room and picks up the phone, and begins to plead with his mother to let Billy live. He tells her that if she really loves Billy she would allow him to grow up. Suddenly, Billy begins to respond.

"A toy telephone, an act of faith, a set of improbable circumstances, all combine to probe a mystery, to fathom a depth, to send a facet of light into a dark after-region, to be believed or disbelieved depending on your frame of reference. A fact or a fantasy, a substance or a shadow - but all of it very much a part of the Twilight Zone."


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