Twilight Zone First Season

"Mr. Roger Shackleforth. Age: youthful twenties. Occupation: being in love. Not just in love, but madly, passionately, illogically, miserably, all-consumingly in love, with a young woman named Leila who has a vague recollection of his face and even less than a passing interest. In a moment you'll see a switch, because Mr. Roger Shackleforth, the young gentleman so much in love, will take a short but very meaningful journey into the Twilight Zone."

Roger buys a love potion from a Prof. A. Daemon to win Leila's affections. Soon he realizes it worked too well; he is sick of her never-ending adoration towards him. Roger returns to the Professor, and buys a second potion, a "glove cleaner." He slips some in her champagne, but drops the glass when she tells him she is pregnant. On the patio, Prof. Daemon, smoking a cigar, blows a heart-shaped smoke ring and disappears.

"Mr. Roger Shackleforth, who has discovered at this late date that love can be as sticky as a vat of molasses, as unpalatable as a hunk of spoiled yeast, and as all-consuming as a six-alarm fire in a bamboo and canvas tent. Case history of a lover boy who should never have entered the Twilight Zone."

Notes and corrected narrations courtesy of Twilight Zone Cafe Moderator, Matt Vandermast (aka "James B.W. Bevis")


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