Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Witness a murder. The killer is Mr. William Feathersmith, a robber baron whose body composition is made up of a refrigeration plant covered by thick skin. In a moment Mr. Feathersmith will proceed on his daily course of conquest and calumny with yet another business dealing. But this one will be one of those bizarre transactions that take place in an odd marketplace known as the Twilight Zone."

After talking to Mr. Hecate, the building janitor, about how bored he is, Feathersmith makes a deal with the devil to return, with his memory intact, to the past, so he can start over. His fortune, all but fourteen hundred dollars is the price. He buys oil deeds without realizing the oil is inaccessible to the drills of those days. He wants to return to the present, and the devil agrees - for forty dollars. Mr. Hecate comes walking by, and Feathersmith sells him the oil deeds for forty dollars. He returns to the present, but things have changed - He is the janitor and Hecate is the wealthy businessman.

"Mr. William J. Feathersmith, tycoon, who tried the track one more time and found it muddier than he remembered - proving with at least a degree of conclusiveness that nice guys don't always finish last, and some people should quit when they're ahead. Tonight's tale of iron men and irony, delivered f.o.b. from the Twilight Zone."


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