Twilight Zone Third Season

"An old woman living in a nightmare, an old woman who has fought a thousand battles with death and always won. Now she's faced with a grim decision - whether or not to open a door. And in some strange and frightening way she knows that this seemingly ordinary door leads to the Twilight Zone."

Wanda Dunn is so scared that "Mr. Death" will kill her with his touch, she has barricaded herself in her apartment for years. When a policeman is shot outside her door, she overcomes her fear and drags him inside. A man breaks into her apartment, and Wanda thinking it's Mr. Death, faints. When she comes to, he explains he is a building contractor and that he is to demolish the building the next day. After he leaves Wanda realizes that he couldn't see the policeman - he is Mr. Death. But rather than being a monster, she sees him as a gentle deliverer. She takes his hand and he leads her outside into the sunlight.

"There was an old woman who lived in a room and, like all of us, was frightened of the dark, but who discovered in the minute last fragment of her life that there was nothing in the dark that wasn't there when the lights were on. Object lesson for the more frightened amongst us - in or out of the Twilight Zone."


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