Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Talky Tina, a doll that does everything, a lifelike creation of plastic and springs and painted smile. To Erich Streator, she is a most unwelcome addition to his household - but without her he'd never enter the Twilight Zone."

Erich Streator doesn't like the new doll his wife has bought for his step-daughter. His dislike grows when the doll tells him she doesn't like him. After trying to get rid of the doll, he agrees to let his step-daughter keep it. Investigating a noise one night, he trips over the doll on the stairs and falls to his death.

"Of course, we all know dolls can't really talk, and they certainly can't commit murder. But to a child caught in the middle of turmoil and conflict, a doll can become many things: friend, defender, guardian. Especially a doll like Talky Tina, who did talk and did commit murder - in the misty region of the Twilight Zone."


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