Twilight Zone Third Season

"You're watching a ventriloquist named Jerry Etherson, a voice-thrower par excellence. His alter ego, sitting atop his lap, is a brash stick of kindling with the sobriquet 'Willy.' In a moment, Mr. Etherson and his knotty-pine partner will be booked in one of the out-of-the-way bistros, that small, dark, intimate place known as the Twilight Zone."

Jerry is convinced his dummy, Willy, is alive. When his act with a new dummy named Goofy Goggles goes over well, he locks Willy in a trunk, and leaves the club. But he keeps hearing Willy's voice. He rushes back to the club and takes Willy out and smashes him to bits. However, when he's finished he notices he has destroyed Goofy Goggles, not Willy. Later, Jerry and Willy perform on stage. Willy has become the ventriloquist, and Jerry is the dummy.

"What's known in the parlance of the times as the old switcheroo, from boss to blockhead in a few easy lessons. And if you're given to nightclubbing on occasion, check this act. It's called Willy and Jerry, and they generally are booked into some clubs along the 'Gray Night Way' known as the Twilight Zone."