Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Two men alone in an attic: a young Japanese-American and a seasoned veteran of yesterday's war. It's twenty-odd years since Pearl Harbor, but two ancient opponents are moving into position for a battle in an attic crammed with skeletons - souvenirs, mementoes, old uniforms and rusted medals - ghosts from the dim reaches of the past that will lead us into... the Twilight Zone."

Fenton, a WW II veteran and Taro a Japanese-American are trapped in Fenton's attic. Taro notices a samurai sword that Fenton says he took off a dead soldier. Taro claims his father was a hero at Pearl Harbor. Actually, Taro's father was a traitor who signalled the enemy where to bomb. Taro realizes that Fenton killed a surrendering soldier and stole the sword off of him. Fenton admits his guilt and tells Taro he wants him to kill him. They wrestle and Fenton falls on the sword, Taro yells "Banzai" and jumps out the attic window.

"Two men in an attic, locked in mortal embrace. Their common bond and their common enemy: guilt. A disease all too prevalent among men, both in and out of the Twilight Zone."


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