Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Martin Lombard Senescu, a gentle man, the dedicated curator of murderers' row in Ferguson's Wax Museum. He ponders the reasons why ordinary men are driven to commit mass murder. What Mr. Senescu does not know is that the groundwork has already been laid for his own special kind of madness and torment - found only in the Twilight Zone."

After being told that Ferguson's Wax Museum is closing, Martin convinces the owner to allow him to take five wax figures that have special meaning for him. They are five mass murderers. After they come to life and kill his wife, her brother and Mr. Ferguson, Martin tells them he is going to destroy them. They come alive and tell him that it is he, not them, that killed these people. Later, at a museum, a guide is explaining the details of the murders these men commited when he comes to a new exhibit. It depicts a man who killed his wife, brother-in-law and employer - it's Martin Lombard Senescu!

"The new exhibit became very popular at Marchand's, but of all the figures none was ever regarded with more dread than that of Martin Lombard Senescu. It was something about the eyes, people said. It's the look that one often gets after taking a quick walk through the Twilight Zone."