Twilight Zone First Season

"Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gibbs, three days and two nights, all expenses paid, at a Las Vegas hotel, won by virtue of Mrs. Gibbs's knack with a phrase. But unbeknownst to either Mr. or Mrs. Gibbs is the fact that there's a prize in their package neither expected nor bargained for. In just a moment one of them will succumb to an illness worse than any virus can produce, a most inoperative, deadly, life-shattering affliction known as The Fever."

Franklin Gibbs is not happy about his wife winning a trip to Las Vegas. A drunk gives him a silver dollar and forces him to play a slot machine. His attitude changes when the machine pays off. He starts to hear the machine calling to him, and develops a mania to play it. He plays till his last dollar, which jams when he attempts to play. Believing the machine purposefully jammed he pushes it over. Later, back in his room, believing he sees the machine coming for him, he falls out of his window. The machine rolls up to him on the pavement and spits out his dollar.

"Mr. Franklin Gibbs, visitor to Las Vegas, who lost his money, his reason, and finally his life to an inanimate metal machine variously described as a one-armed bandit, a slot machine or, in Mr. Franklin Gibbs's words, a monster with a will of its own. For our purposes we'll stick with the latter definition - because we're in the Twilight Zone."