Twilight Zone Third Season

"The reluctant gentleman with the sizable mouth is Mr. Frisby. He has all the drive of a broken camshaft and the aggressive vinegar of a corpse. As you've no doubt gathered, his big stock in trade is the tall tale. Now what he doesn't know is that the visitors out front are a very special breed, destined to change his life beyond anything even his fertile imagination could manufacture. The place is Pitchville Flats, the time is the present. But Mr. Frisby's on the first leg of a rather fanciful journey into the place we call the Twilight Zone."

Aliens overhearing Frisby's tall tales, decide to take him back with them. He relaxes by playing his harmonica, and finds that this knocks the aliens out. He runs off and the aliens leave. Going back to his store, he finds a surprise birthday party waiting for him. He tries to tell everyone of his adventure, but no one will believe him.

"Mr. Somerset Frisby, who might have profited by reading an Aesop fable about a boy who cried wolf. Tonight's tall tale from the timberlands - of the Twilight Zone."


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