Twilight Zone Third Season

"It's been said that science fiction and fantasy are two different things: science fiction, the improbable made possible; fantasy, the impossible made probable. What would you have if you put these two different things together? Well, you'd have an old man named Ben who knows a lot of tricks most people don't know and a little girl named Jenny who loves him - and a journey into the heart of the Twilight Zone."

Two men are looking for Ben, an old man with the ability to change his form. Ben tells Jenny, a friend of his with a leg brace, that he is a fugitive from outer space. Before he leaves, he uses a device to fix Jenny's leg. When the men pursuing Ben arrive, they use a similar device to make Jenny ill. The trap works, and Ben returns and cures Jenny. It turns out Ben is not a criminal, but a ruler of a planet, and the men were sent to convince him to return. He agrees, but they refuse to let him take Jenny. Jenny has a plan; they ask for a moment alone to say goodbye. When the men return they find two Jennys. Unable to tell which one is real, they take both.

"Mrs. Gann will be in for a big surprise when she finds this [photo of a young man] under Jenny's pillow, because Mrs. Gann has more temper than imagination. She'll never dream that this is a picture of Old Ben as he really looks, and it will never occur to her that eventually her niece will grow up to be an honest-to-goodness queen - somewhere in the Twilight Zone."


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