Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Meet Mr. George P. Hanley, a man life treats without deference, honor or success. Waiters serve his soup cold. Elevator operators close doors in his face. Mothers never bother to wait up for the daughters he dates. George is a creature of humble habits and tame dreams. He's an ordinary man, Mr. Hanley, but at this moment the accidental possessor of a very special gift, the kind of gift that measures men against their dreams, the kind of gift most of us might ask for first and possibly regret to the last, if we, like Mr. George P. Hanley, were about to plunge head-first and unaware into our own personal Twilight Zone."

George P. Hanley buys a lamp for a secretary's birthday at work. After another co-worker gives her a present of lingerie, George decides to keep the lamp. Later at home, he tries to shine it, and out comes a genie. He says George can have one wish. George fantasizes several situations involving various wishes, and they all end in disaster. He finally decides what he wants his wish to be. Later, a bum finds the lamp and rubs it. A genie appears, and it's George!

"Mr. George P. Hanley. Former vocation: jerk. Present vocation: genie. George P. Hanley, a most ordinary man whom life treated without deference, honor or success, but a man wise enough to decide on a most extraordinary wish that makes him the contented, permanent master of his own altruistic Twilight Zone."


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