Twilight Zone Third Season

"Normally, the old man would be correct: this would be the end of the story. We've had the traditional shoot-out on the street and the badman will soon be dead. But some men of legend and folk tale have been known to continue having their way even after death. The outlaw and killer Pinto Sykes was such a person, and shortly we'll see how he introduces the town, and a man named Conny Miller in particular, to the Twilight Zone."

Sykes is gunned down by a group of townsfolk. Conny Miller, a hired-gun who never caught up with Sykes, learns that before Sykes died, he vowed to reach up and grab Miller if he ever got close to his grave. After accepting a bet that he won't go near the grave, Miller goes to the grave and sticks his knife into the ground, proving he was there. As he stands something grabs him and pulls him down. The next morning a group of people find Miller dead next to Sykes' grave. It appears that the wind had blown Miller's coat over the grave, and he had stuck his knife through it. Sykes's sister mentions that the wind was blowing away from the grave the night before.

"Final comment: you take this with a grain of salt or a shovelful of earth, as shadow or substance, we leave it up to you. And for any further research check under "G" for 'ghost' in the Twilight Zone."


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