Twilight Zone First Season

"Her name is Nan Adams. She's twenty-seven years old. Her occupation: buyer at a New York department store, at present on vacation, driving cross-country to Los Angeles, California, from Manhattan. [Narration interrupted by character action and dialogue.] Minor incident on Highway 11 in Pennsylvania, perhaps to be filed away under accidents you walk away from. But from this moment on, Nan Adams' companion on a trip to California will be terror; her route - fear; her destination - quite unknown."

After a blowout, Nan Adams repeatedly sees the same hitch-hiker. She tries to run over him, only to be told by a sailor to whom she's given a lift that there was no one on the road. She calls home and learns her mother suffered a nervous breakdown after the death of her daughter in a car wreck. Nan returns to her car, where the hitch-hiker - his purpose and identity known - awaits.

"Nan Adams, age twenty-seven. She was driving to California, to Los Angeles. She didn't make it. There was a detour - through the Twilight Zone."

Notes: First of two intros without the word "the" (the other is in "A World Of Difference").

Rod's use of "Adams' " as a possessive, without adding a second "s" at the end, has not traditionally been considered standard usage (although some grammar authorities now accept it). Zicree and Cregg have it as "Adams's"; this may be more grammatically correct, but it is not a correct record of what Rod actually says. Also see the intro to "A Stop At Willoughby."

Notes and corrected narrations courtesy of Twilight Zone Cafe Moderator, Matt Vandermast (aka "James B.W. Bevis")


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