Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Mr. Horace Ford, who has a preoccupation with another time, a time of childhood, a time of growing up, a time of street games, stickball and hide-'n-go-seek. He has a reluctance to go check out a mirror and see the nature of his image: proof positive that the time he dwells in has already passed him by. But in a moment or two he'll discover that mechanical toys and memories and daydreaming and wishful thinking and all manner of odd and special events can lead into a special province, uncharted and unmapped, a country of both shadow and substance known as... the Twilight Zone."

Horace visits his old neighborhood and sees children from his past. He follows them and hears them talking about a kid who slighted them by not inviting them to his birthday party. He returns the next night and learns it is he that offended them years ago. Suddenly, he's a child again and the other kids jump on him and beat him. His memories of a perfect childhood shattered he returns home, ready to start living in the present.

"Exit Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ford, who have lived through a bizarre moment not to be calibrated on normal clocks or watches. Time has passed, to be sure, but it's the special time in the special place known as - the Twilight Zone."


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