Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Three strangers arrive in a small town, three men in black leather jackets in an empty rented house. We'll call them Steve and Scott and Fred, but their names are not important; their mission is, as three men on motorcycles lead us into the Twilight Zone."

Steve, Scott and Fred are part of an invasion force from space. Scott falls for a local girl, and when he overhears plans to poison the water supply, he tries to warn her. She is convinced he is crazy, and when he returns the sheriff, with several men in white coats, is waiting for him. The sheriff and attendants are part of the invasion, and they take Scott away where he won't interfere with their plans.

"Portrait of an American family on the eve of invasion from outer space. Of course, we know it's merely fiction - an yet, think twice when you drink your next glass of water. Find out if it's from your local reservoir, or possibly it came direct to you ... from the Twilight Zone."


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