Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"The cast of characters: a cat and a mouse. This is the latter, the intended victim who may or may not know that he is to die, be it by butchery or ballet. His name is Major Ivan Kuchenko. He has, if events go according to certain plans, perhaps three or four more hours of living. But an ignorance shared by both himself an his executioners is of the fact that both of them have taken a first step into the Twilight Zone."

Kuchenko is in a hotel room with a bomb. He has three hours to find and disarm it. The bomb is in the phone and if he picks up the receiver it will detonate. The phone rings and he starts to pick it up, then runs from the room. Later, his assassins are in the room, wondering how he guessed the location of the bomb, when the phone rings. One of the men picks it up without thinking. The caller was Major Kachenko calling from the airport.

"Major Ivan Kuchenko, on his way west, on his way to freedom, a freedom bought and paid for by a most stunning ingenuity. And exit one Commissar Vassiloff, who forgot that there are two sides to an argument - and two parties on the line. This has been the Twilight Zone."


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