Twilight Zone Third Season

"The carcass of a goat, a dead finger, a few bits of broken glass and stone - and Mr. Alan Richards, a modern man of a modern age, hating with all his heart something in which he cannot believe and preparing - although he doesn't know it - to take the longest walk of his life, right down to the center of the Twilight Zone."

Alan Richards plans to build a dam in Africa on a tribe's ancestral land. The tribe's voodoo doctor puts a lion curse on him. He doesn't believe in that sort of thing, but he is shocked when he finds a dead goat on his doorstep. Leaving a bar late at night he begins to hear jungle sounds. He hops in a taxi, but then at a stoplight finds the driver dead. He gets out and runs home. When he gets there however, he discovers his wife dead - killed by a lion who sees Alan and pounces.

"Some superstitions, kept alive by the long night of ignorance, have their own special power. You'll hear of it through a jungle grapevine in a remote corner of the Twilight Zone."


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