Twilight Zone Third Season

"Sunnyvale Rest, a home for the aged - a dying place - and a common children's game called kick-the-can that will shortly become a refuge for a man who knows he will die in this world if he doesn't escape into... the Twilight Zone."

Charles Whitley, a resident of Sunnyvale, decides that the secret to youth is acting young. His friend Ben Conroy thinks he is crazy. One night Charles tries to wake everyone up to play a game of kick-the-can. Everyone agrees except Ben, who goes to tell the home's superintendent, Mr. Cox. When Ben and Mr. Cox go outside all they find are a group of children playing kick-the-can - they are all young again. Ben begs his old friend for a second chance, but Charles, now a boy, tells him it's too late. The children all run off into the bushes, leaving Ben behind.

"Sunnyvale Rest, a dying place for ancient people who have forgotten the fragile magic of youth. A dying place for those who have forgotten that childhood, maturity and old age are curiously intertwined and not separate. A dying place for those who have grown too stiff in their thinking to visit the Twilight Zone."


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