Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"To the average person, a museum is a place of knowledge, a place of beauty and truth and wonder. Some people come to study, others to contemplate, others to look for the sheer joy of looking. Charley Parkes has his own reasons. He comes to the museum to get away from the world. It isn't really the sixty-cent cafeteria meal that has drawn him here every day, it's the fact that here in these strange, cool halls he can be alone for a little while, really and truly alone. Anyway, that's how it was before he got lost and wandered in - to the Twilight Zone."

Charley goes to the museum and finds the cafeteria closed. He ends up in a tour group and finds himself in a different part of the museum. There he sees a dollhouse behind a glass case. Inside a miniature, mechanical woman is playing the piano. He asks a guard about it and is informed that the doll is carved from wood and is totally inanimate. After smashing the glass case trying to save the doll from a drunken suitor, Charley is committed to an asylum. After convincing the doctor he is better, he is released and returns to the museum. When the doctor and family start a search for Charley, a guard notices there are now two dolls in the dollhouse, the woman and Charley!

"They never found Charley Parkes, because the guard didn't tell them what he saw in the glass case. He knew what they'd say, and he knew they'd be right, too, because seeing is not always believing - especially if what you see happens to be an odd corner of the Twilight Zone."


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