Twilight Zone Second Season

"Portrait of a man who thinks and thereby gets things done. Mr. Jimbo Cobb might be called a prime mover, a talent which has to be seen to be believed. In just a moment, he'll show his friend and you how he keeps both feet on the ground - and his head in the Twilight Zone."

Jimbo Cobb is forced to reveal his psychokinetic abilities to save survivors of a car wreck. His partner Ace decides they could make some quick money in Vegas with Jimbo's powers. Jimbo, Ace and his girlfriend take off for Las Vegas. They win $200,000, but Ace wants more. His girlfriend, Kitty, gets mad and goes home. Ace takes up with Sheila, a cigarette girl. Ace and Jimbo get into a high-stakes craps game in a gangster's hotel room. They win at first, with the help of Jimbo's powers. But as soon as Sheila arrives, Ace bets it all - and loses. Jimbo says he must have blown a fuse. Ace comes to his senses, and returns home and proposes to Kitty, who accepts. Surprised by this, Jimbo drops his broom. Making sure no one is looking, he uses his powers, which he never lost, to pick up the broom.

"Some people possess talent, others are possessed by it. When that happens, a talent becomes a curse. Jimbo Cobb knew, right from the beginning. But before Ace Larsen learned that simple truth, he had to take a short trip through the Twilight Zone."


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