Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Jordan Herrick, syndicated columnist whose work appears in more than a hundred newspapers. By nature a cynic, a disbeliever, caught for the moment by a lovely vision. He knows the vision he's seen is no dream; she is Pamela Morris, renowned movie star, whose name is a household word and whose face is known to millions. What Mr. Herrick does not know is that he has also just looked into the face - of the Twilight Zone."

Suspecting that Pamela Morris and Constance Taylor, an actress from many years ago, is the same person, he confronts Pamela. She drugs his coffee, then admits she really was a queen of the Nile. She uses a scarab and drains Herrick's life and uses it on herself.

"Everybody knows Pamela Morris, the beautiful and eternally young movie star. Or does she have another name, even more famous, an Egyptian name from centuries past? It's best not to be too curious, lest you wind up like Jordan Herrick, a pile of dust and old clothing, discarded in the endless eternity of the Twilight Zone."


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