Twilight Zone Third Season

"This road is the afterwards of the Civil War. It began at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, and ended at a place called Appomattox. It's littered with the residue of broken battles and shattered dreams... In just a moment, you will enter a strange province that knows neither North nor South, a place we call the Twilight Zone."

Lavinia Godwin is certain her husband Jud, a Confederate officer, is dead. Her loss has spawned a hatred within her. When a blind Union soldier stops for a drink, she shoots him - to no effect. A confederate sergeant who stopped to rest, begins to believe that everyone on the road, including Lavinia and himself, are dead. Jud arrives and confirms that they are dead. Lavinia refuses to believe. She decides to stay as Jud heads off down the road, promising to meet her at the end of the road. As he leaves, the last man on the road approaches. It's Abraham Lincoln. He convinces Lavinia of the truth, and she runs down the road to catch up with Jud.

"Incident on a dirt road during the month of April, the year 1865. As we've already pointed out, it's a road that won't be found on a map, but it's one of many that lead in and out of the Twilight Zone."


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