Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"Exit one Paul Driscoll, a creature of the twentieth century. He puts to a test a complicated theorum of space-time continuum, but he goes a step further - or tries to. Shortly, he will seek out three moments of the past in a desperate attempt to alter the present - one of the odd and fanciful functions in a shadowland known as the Twilight Zone."

Paul Driscoll uses a time machine to try and change three past events: the bombing of Hiroshima, Hitler's rise to power and the sinking of the Lusitania. He fails miserably at all of them, and decides to escape to the past. He picks Homeville, Indiana. After learning from a history book he's brought along that a fire, started by runaway horses, will burn down a school and injure several children. He sees the wagon with the horses, and in trying to convince the owner to unhitch them, he frightens the horses and they start the fire. Driscoll returns to the present, content to leave the past alone.

"Incident on a July afternoon, 1881. A man named Driscoll who came and went and, in the process, learned a simple lesson, perhaps best said by a poet named Lathbury, who wrote, 'Children of yesterday, heirs of tomorrow, what are you weaving? Labor and sorrow? Look to your looms again, faster and faster fly the great shuttles prepared by the master. Life's in the loom, room for it - room!' Tonight's tale of clocks and calendars - in the Twilight Zone."


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