Twilight Zone Third Season

"The time is the space age, the place is a barren landscape of a rock-walled canyon that lies millions of miles from the planet Earth. The cast of characters? You've met them: William Fletcher, commander of the spaceship; his co-pilot, Peter Craig. The other characters who inhabit this place you may never see, but they're there, as these two gentlemen will soon find out. Because they're about to partake in a little exploration into that gray, shaded area in space and time that's known as the Twilight Zone."

Fletcher and Craig set down in the canyon to repair their ship. While scouting around, Craig finds a city populated by tiny people - no bigger than ants. He begins terrorizing the population by crushing their buildings, and he proclaims himself a god. Fletcher comes to inform him the repairs are done, but Craig pulls a gun on him, and orders him to leave alone; there's no room for two gods. Fletcher leaves, and immediately another ship lands. Two spacemen, big as mountains, emerge. One of them picks Craig up and accidentally crushes him.

"The case of navigator Peter Craig, a victim of a delusion. In this case, the dream dies a little harder than the man. A small exercise in space psychology that you can try on for size - in the Twilight Zone."


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