Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"June twenty-fifth, 1964 - or, if you prefer, June twenty-fifth, 1876. The cast of characters in order of their appearance: a patrol of General Custer's cavalry and a patrol of National Guardsmen on a maneuver. Past and oresent are about to collide head-on, as they are wont to do in a very special bivouac area known as ... the Twilight Zone."

National Guardsmen on maneuvers near Little Big Horn believe they are about to meet the past and the massacre that occured at Little Big Horn. They make it to the battle and charge into it. Later, their superiors find no sign of them, until they check the names of the dead listed at the Custer Battlefield National Memorial.

"Sergeant William Conners, Trooper Michael McCluskey and Trooper Richard Langsford, who on a hot afternoon in June made a charge over a hill - and never returned. Look for this one under 'P' for phantom, in a historical ledger located in a reading room known as the Twilight Zone."


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