Twilight Zone Third Season

"Mr. Fitzgerald Fortune, theater critic and cynic at large, on his way to a birthday party. If he knew what is in store for him he probably wouldn't go, because before this evening is over that cranky old piano is going to play 'Those Piano Roll Blues' - with some effects that could happen only in the Twilight Zone."

Fortune discovers that a piano he bought his wife for her birthday has magical properties - the music it plays makes people reveal their true essence. At the party, Fortune uses the piano to humiliate the guests - an overweight woman reveals fantasies of being thin and a playwright admits to being in love with Fortune's wife. Fortune hands his wife another roll to put in the piano, but his wife substitutes a different roll - one that enchants Fortune. He reveals himself to be nothing more than a sadistic, mean-spirited child. The guests all leave along with Fortune's wife.

"Mr. Fitzgerald Fortune, a man who went searching for concealed persons and found himself - in the Twilight Zone."


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