Twilight Zone First Season

"Submitted for your approval, one Max Phillips, a slightly-the-worse-for-wear maker of book, whose life has been as drab and undistinguished as a bundle of dirty clothes. And, though it's very late in his day, he has an errant wish that the rest of his life might be sent out to a laundry to come back shiny and clean, this to be a gift of love to a son named Pip. Mr. Max Phillips, Homo sapiens, who is soon to discover that man is not as wise as he thinks - said lesson to be learned in the Twilight Zone."

Max Phillips learns his only son has been wounded in Vietnam. Feeling he could have been a better father, he returns three hundred dollars to an unlucky bettor and is shot by his boss's hitman. He makes it to an amusement park. There he finds his son, a child again, and they relive past pleasures. Pip runs away, and when Max catches him, he tells his father that he is dying and disappears. Max makes an offer to God - his life for Pip's. He dies and his son is allowed to live.

"Very little comment here, save for this small aside: that the ties of flesh are deep and strong, that the capacity to love is a vital, rich and all-consuming function of the human animal, and that you can find nobility and sacrifice and love wherever you may seek it out; down the block, in the heart, or in the Twilight Zone."


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