Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"One Colonel Cook, a traveller in space. He's landed on a remote planet several million miles from his point of departure. He can make an inventory of his plight by just on 360-degree movement of head and eyes. Colonel Cook has been set adrift in an ocean of space in a metal lifeboat that has been scorched and destroyed amd will never fly again. He survived the crash but his ordeal is yet to begin. Now he must give battle to loneliness. Now Colonel Cook must meet the unknown. It's a small planet set deep in space, but for Colonel Cook it's the Twilight Zone."

Cook learns that his home planet has been destroyed. He discovers a footprint and eventually a woman. Her name is Norda, a space traveller in the same predicament as Cook. They learn each others first name, his is Adam, her's is Eve. Eve names the new planet - Earth.

"Do you know these people? Names familiar, are they? They lived a long time ago. Perhaps they're part fable, perhaps they're part fantasy. And perhaps the place they're walking to now is is not really called 'Eden.' We offer it only as a presumption. This has been the Twilight Zone."


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