Twilight Zone Third Season

"Some one-hundred-odd years ago, a motley collection of tough moustaches galloped across the West and left behind a raft of legends and legerdemains, and it seems a reasonable conjecture that if there are any television sets up in cowboy heaven and any of these rough-and-wooly nail-eaters could see with what careless abandon their names are bandied about, they're very likely turning over in their graves - or worse, getting out of them. Which gives you a clue as to the proceedings that will begin in just a moment, when one Mr. Rance McGrew, a three-thousand-buck-a-week phony-baloney discovers that this week's current edition of make-believe is being shot on location - and that location is the Twilight Zone."

Rance McGrew is shooting a scene where "Jesse James" shoots him in the back. He is suddenly transported to a real Old West saloon, and the real Jesse James enters. He tells Rance that he and the other desperadoes of old are tired of the way they are being portrayed. He challenges Rance to a gun fight. Rance, having never shot a gun, falls to his knees and says he'll do anything to spare his life. Jesse agrees, and Rance is suddenly back on the studio lot. Then Rance's agent, Jesse James, arrives. He plans on staying and insuring that the outlaws always win. He begins with the TV Jesse James throwing Rance through a window.

"The evolution of the so-called 'adult' western, and the metamorphosis of one Rance McGrew, formerly phony-baloney, now upright citizen with a preoccupation with all things involving tradition, truth and cowpoke predecessors. It's the way the cookie crumbles and the six-gun shoots... in the Twilight Zone."


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