Twilight Zone Third Season

"Time, the mid-twenties. Place, the Midwest - the southernmost section of the Midwest. We were just witnessing a funeral, a funeral that didn't come off exactly as planned, due to a slight fallout - from the Twilight Zone."

After Jeff Myrtlebank revives at his funeral, he assures everyone he is the same person as before. However, he has several new traits, such as being a hard worker, and a skilled fighter. When the townspeople try to run him out of town, he tells them if he is Jeff Myrtlebank, they have nothing to fear, but if he is a supernatural being, then they had better be nice to him. After the townspeople leave, Jeff tells his fianceé that he really is the same person, but then he lights a match without striking it.

"Jeff and Comfort are still alive today, and their only son is a United States senator who's noted as an uncommonly shrewd politician - and some believe he must have gotten his education in the Twilight Zone."


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