Twilight Zone First Season

"Picture of a woman looking at a picture. Movie great of another time, once-brilliant star in a firmament no longer a part of the sky, eclipsed by the movement of earth and time. Barbara Jean Trenton, whose world is a projection room, whose dreams of made out of celluloid. Barbara Jean Trenton, struck down by hit-and-run years and lying on the unhappy pavement, trying desperately to get the license number of fleeting fame."

Barbara Jean Trenton, an aging actress, secludes herself in a private screening room and watches her old films. Her agent, trying to help, gets her a small role in a film, and arranges a visit with an old leading man of hers. This only pushes her further into the past. A maid, bringing a meal, discovers the room empty. She looks at the screen, and runs out of the room. She calls the agent and he turns the projector back on. On the screen he sees the living room of the house, filled with stars as they appeared in old films. Barbara Jean throws a scarf at the screen. When the film runs out, the agent finds the scarf on the living room floor.

"To the wishes that come true, to the strange, mystic strength of the human animal, who can take a wishful dream and give it a dimension of its own. To Barbara Jean Trenton, movie queen of another era, who has changed the blank tomb of an empty projection screen into a private world. It can happen - in the Twilight Zone."

Notes: Related to the "portrait" comment above: The word "picture" begins three intros and two outros, including both "Death Ship" narrations, and the word "cameo" begins the intro for "Person Or Persons Unknown" (and occurs later on in the "Nightmare As A Child" intro). Many, many intros have other visual references at or near their beginning.

Notes and corrected narrations courtesy of Twilight Zone Cafe Moderator, Matt Vandermast (aka "James B.W. Bevis")


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