Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Sports item, circa 1974: Battling Maxo, B2, heavyweight, accompanied by his manager and handler, arrives in Maynard, Kansas, for a scheduled six-round bout. Battling Maxo is a robot, or, to be exact, an android, definition: 'an automaton resembling a human being.' Only these automatons have been permitted in the ring since prizefighting was legally abolished in 1968. This is the story of that scheduled six-round bout, more specifically the story of two men shortly to face that remorseless truth: that no law can be passed which will abolish cruelty or desperate need - nor, for that matter, blind animal courage. Location for the facing of said truth a small, smoke-filled arena just this side of the Twilight Zone."

Battling Maxo breaks down before the scheduled bout. His manager, "Steel" Kelly, a retired heavyweight boxer, desperate for the money to repair him, disguises himself as a robot and fights Maynard Flash, a new robot. He gets beat up, but the money he receives is enough to repair Battling Maxo.

"Portrait of a losing side, proof positive that you can't outpunch machinery. Proof also of something else: that no matter what the future brings, man's capacity to rise to the occasion will remain unaltered. His potential for tenacity and optimism continues, as always, to outfight and outlive any and all changes made by his society, for which three cheers and a unanimous decision rendered from the Twilight Zone."


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