Twilight Zone Second Season

"Please to present for your consideration Mr. Booth Templeton, serious and successful star of over thirty Broadway plays, who is not quite all right today. Yesterday and its memories is what he wants, and yesterday is what he'll get. Soon his years and his troubles will descend on him in an avalanche. In order not to be crushed, Mr. Booth Templeton will escape from his theater and his world and make his debut on another stage in another world - that we call the Twilight Zone."

Templeton longs for the years when his beloved wife Laura was still alive. After a young director dresses him down for being late, Templeton rushes from the theater and finds himself back in 1927. He locates Laura in a speakeasy. She is not the Laura he remembered - she is vulgar, self-centered and flirtatious. His memories shattered, he returns to the theater. He looks at several sheets of paper Laura was fanning herself with, and that he accidentally brought back with him. They are pages to a script entitled "What To Do When Booth Comes Back." Booth realizes the whole thing was staged so he would stop living in the past, he returns to the stage, filled with a new self-confidence and ready to start living in the present.

"Mr. Booth Templeton, who shared with most human beings the hunger to recapture the past moments, the ones that soften with the years. But in his case, the characters of his past blocked him out and sent him back to his own time, which is where we find him now. Mr. Booth Templeton, who had a round-trip ticket... into the Twilight Zone."


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