Twilight Zone Third Season

"This is the face of Ramos Clemente, a year ago a beardless, nameless worker of the dirt who plodded behind a mule, furrowing someone else's land. And he looked up at a hot Central American sun and he pledged the impossible. He made a vow that he would lead an avenging army against the tyranny that put the ache in his back and the anguish in his eyes, and now one year later the dream of the impossible has become a fact. In just a moment we will look deep into this mirror and see the aftermath of a rebellion... in the Twilight Zone."

Clemente is told by General DeCruz, the deposed tyrant, that the mirror in his office will reveal the faces of one's assassins. Clemente sees his compatriots coming at him with guns, knives and poisons. He kills them all, but he still feels threatened. He tells a priest of this, and the priest replies that tyrants have only one enemy, one they never recognize. Looking in the mirror after the priest leaves, Clemente sees his own reflection. He shatters the mirror, then shoots himself. The priest rushes in. "The last assassin," he says. "And they never learn. They never seem to learn!"

"Ramos Clemente, a would-be god in dungarees, strangled by an illusion, that will-o'-the-wisp mirage that dangles from the sky in front of the eyes of all ambitious men, all tyrants - and any resemblance to tyrants living or dead is hardly coincidental, whether it be here or in the Twilight Zone."


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