Twilight Zone Fourth Season

"This is William Benteen, who officiates on a disintegrating outpost in space. The people are a remnant society who left the Earth looking for a Millennium, a place without war, without jeopardy, without fear - and what they found was a lonely, barren place whose only industry was survival. And this is what they've done for three decades: survive; until the memory of the Earth they came from has become an indistinct and shadowed recollection of another time and another place. One month ago a signal from Earth announced that a ship would be coming to pick them up and take them home. In just a moment we'll hear more of that ship, more of that home, and what it takes out of mind and body to reach it. This is the Twilight Zone."

Benteen has kept the colony alive with tales of the greatness of Earth. When the rescue ship comes, he realizes his power over everyone is going to be gone when they leave the planet. He tells them Earth is really hell, an awful place, and that they'll die if they go there. No one believes him, and he says he's staying. As the spaceship is preparing to leave, he returns to the caves and pretends everyone is still there. While talking about Earth, he suddenly remembers what he has been saying for so long. He runs out but the ship is gone. He is left there all alone.

"William Benteen, who had prerogatives: he could lead, he could direct, dictate, judge, legislate. It became a habit, then a pattern and finally a necessity. William Benteen, once a god - now a population of one."


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