Twilight Zone Third Season

"The time is 1863, the place the state of Virginia. The event is a mass blood-letting known as the Civil War, a tragic moment in time when a nation was split into two fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation... This is Joseph Paradine, Confederate cavalry, as he heads down toward a small town in the middle of a valley. But very shortly, Joseph Paradine will make contact with the enemy. He will also make contact with an outpost not found on a military map - an outpost called the Twilight Zone."

Paradine wanders into a town full of Union soldiers. They are all frozen in time by a old man with a black book. Knowing he will die soon, the old man gives the book to Paradine, telling him to use it to win the war. He takes the book back to camp and convinces his commanding officer to allow him to try to freeze the entire Union army. When he starts to read the book aloud he realizes he will have to call on the Devil, and renounce God to cast the spell. He throws the book on the fire and decides to allow the war to end in its own way.

"On the following morning, Sergeant Paradine and the rest of these men were moved up north to a little town in Pennsylvania, an obscure little place where a battle was brewing, a town called Gettysburg - and this one was fought without the help of the Devil. Small historical note not to be found in any known books, but part of the records in the Twilight Zone."


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