Twilight Zone Fifth Season

"Mr. Floyd Burney, a gentleman songster in search of a song, is about to answer the age-old question of whether a man can be in two places at the same time. As far as his folk song is concerned, we can assure Mr. Burney he'll find everything he's looking for, although the lyrics may not be all to his liking. But that's sometimes the case - when the words and music are recorded in the Twilight Zone."

While searching for a folk song, Floyd hears a girl humming a tune outside a store. He finds Mary Rachel who's engaged to Billy Rayford. Suddenly, Billy appears and threatens Floyd. Floyd hits him with his guitar and kills him. The tape recording of Mary Rachael starts to play, and now there's a lyric about Floyd killing Billy. Mary Rachael tells him not to run because Billy will catch him again, like he always does. Confused, Floyd goes back to the store, and kills the old man after he refuses to help him. But by then, Billy is back at the store.

"In retrospect, it may be said of Mr. Floyd Burney that he achieved that final dream of the performer: eternal top-name billing, not on the fleeting billboards of the entertainment world, but forever recorded among the folk songs of the Twilight Zone."


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